Your beauty!…A love Poem


Every morning when I see

your beautiful face

with each moment

I Am lost in your beauty

As I give you a kiss

my heart grows weak

with each passing moment

as I touch your lip’s that make my heart melt

And when I look into your eyes

my heart is yours with

each beating moment

as I Am lost in it’s beauty

With each moment

your beauty is more beautiful

then a beautiful painting

with each passing moment

I see you

You steal my heart

like no other and you captured it

with your love my heart is yours in every way

There is no women above you

that can make me feel like you can

you are the one that makes me complete

your beautiful in every way to me

that makes me love you

No one captures my heart like you

you are beautiful and special to me Your beauty is beyond all measure.Image



About kalogirouandrew

I look forward to learing here at word press I love to write & and tell storys!
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