Seven Steps for High Effective Brainstorming techniques.



Good writing is-telling-a-story or a experience that makes all the different’s create enough picture for the reader.

Writers are often challenged by the details of producing singular and possessive forms,

Writers sometimes trip themselves up when they try to introduce a parenthetical element

in a sentence without ensuring that the main clause of the sentence remains grammatically coherent.

If you want to create a picture for the reader’s mind a good descriptive writing draws on what we see,but also on our other senses-describing

how something smalls, feels, tastes, and sounds.

And including specific details in your writing enables a reader to picture what the writer is trying too show.

For example every day SpeakingEnglish language often particularly associated with poetry and drama,

figurative language is used in writing to create vivid pictures and original descriptions that make a great story.

What you might what to do is to prevent writer’s block is by turning off the voice in your head thatcriticizes your ideas even before you write it down don’t judge yourself.

And the second thing that you want to do is Brain storm (writing down these ideas) that come in your head even if you think it is stupid or silly write it anyways.

Remember that some of the greatest and most creative inventions have sprung from ideas that were originally labeled ridiculous.

It is easy to forget thing’s so write it down!!!!!!

writing down ideas help’s you reduce the chance of forgetting them.

After you have been brain storming organize your ideas to develop a idea list of all the best choices you have brainstormed.

The writer want’s to influence the reader to accept the point of view of what the writer is trying to say in his or her story.

State a sentence that gives your main idea on the topic.

Add detail, examples, and support in your story.

After you go over your work you might want to edit it.

Make sure you analyze your work to help you identify,distinguish elements, and classify, what you are writing.

So remember to look at your work very carefully and know were your story is going and it is what you want.


Here are Seven Steps that can help you be more of a persuasive writer and more:

Step one- Adopt a attitude, Give your self permission to be silly, and obvious think out side the box.

Do not judge your self you never now what might come out of it.

Step Two- Consider the topic carefully too your story.

Step three- list some ideas on the topic and choose the best one.

Step four- Make choices.

Step five- Develop associations to your story be creative.

Step six- Use the five W’s ( who, what, where, when, why ) and organize it.

Step seven- Write a main idea sentence to your story to interest your reader .

It’s also good after you are done with your story you might want to go over your story to improve it you will find you can always make it batter.

If, while writing, you’re at a loss for material, shift to another of the five senses

(sight, sound, smell, touch, taste); or shift your perspective from high to low, from close to far away;

or the journalist’s five questions when they ask—(who, what, when, where, why)step six.

By using this technique you will find many times going over your writing to make it batter a good writer never quits.

By using this seven step process you can make your story’s growing even more!!!

Here are four, videos of techniques of brain storming

Using mind mapping and smart decisions.


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