Did the Vikings really discover America First?

Many still argue that it was really discovered by Leif Ericson,

Nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus.

The date and place of Leiv Eiriksson’s birth has not been definitely established,

They say he might have be born enbetween 970’s, to 980, AD

They believe he was born in Icelandand grow up in Greenland it is still debatable.

Leif Eriksson was on his way back from Norway to Greenland, when he was blowing off course and got lost when he landed and discovered North America.

 The Vikings landed on northern American shores and they were actually the first Europeans to reach North America in 1001 AD that is still debatable among other dates he might have discovered America .

 When Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain in 1492, he was searching for a shorter route to the treasures of the East.

The “shortcut” Columbus took by sailing west landed him on a small island in North America.

Thinking he was in India, in what is now the Bahamas. And he called the Native Americans “Indians,” there.

Christopher Columbus Did not realize that he his discovered North America and he thought it was part of Asian island and he named it San Salvador.

Even thou Christopher Columbus did not discover America first Christopher Columbus opened the doors for later exploration of the New World.

A partial listing of other explorers demonstrates the multicultural influences on the foundation of the United States of America.

Italian explore Amerigo Vespucci, he has discovered the Mississippi River:

Francisco Vasquez de coronado He explored what would become the Southwestern United States.

As Spain grow with wealth and power because of the settlements in is now centraland south America.

The French ventured north to Canada.

The English settled on the coast land between the ares claimed Spain and the French.

The U.S.A when in 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson, backed by a unanimous Congress,

Proclaimed October 9th “Leif Ericson Day” the first arrival of a European onNorth American soil.

Leif Ericson Nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus discoveredAmerica

The Vikings had a very well established seafaring tradition and to travel all over Europe and other parts of the Middle East.

Leiv Eiriksson, who became the first European to set foot on North America,shores and the first European explorer of Norwegian extraction.Image


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