I’am a beautiful red rose standing tall in

I’am a beautiful red rose standing tall in the sun my petals are red and blooming .

My petals are red as wine

My leaves are green as grass

My beautiful green stem holds me high to the sky

as I hear the bees fly in the open sky.

The sun gives me life as I feel its beautiful

sun rays coming down shining on me giving me life,

Sometimes people come by to see my beauty and smell me

And they water me for they love me so

People pick me up and give me to their loved ones

I Am beautiful in my own way.

I Am different from the rest for I Am the flower of love

I Am a Beautiful red rose that people see

For they keep me long as they see

My beauty runs deep, as the eye can see

I Am a beautiful red rose! and you love me.



About kalogirouandrew

I look forward to learing here at word press I love to write & and tell storys!
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