A Love letter …. A poem by Andrew Kalogirou

Since the first time we meet I know you were the one

and since the first time we kiss, I know I was done

You make me feel like a child shay

I am on a cloud free as a bird because you make me feel like I can be myself

You make my heart melt, with your love and tenderness

It open my heart, to love and to see what love is again

and in my heart you have a special place you will always belong for you have open my eyes.

Everyday since you come into my life my love grows more and more

You make me feel like no one else can

I look forward to every sunrise and sunset and everyday we spend together,

Everyday I see us growing old together For my love for you runs deep as the ocean floor

you bring out the best in me, and I the best of you.

Then I know you are the one I’ve always wished for

Everyday when you are in my arms, You make me feel high as the birds,like I am in heaven.

And in the morning when your body is against mine, and mine against yours you make me feel complete as one

I love leaving little love notes around the house where you can find them just to see you smile.

When you are not around I can’t stop thinking of you The thought of being without you

makes me feel lost without you in this world you make me feel complaint.

I love you more than you think, words can never express how I feel only what I do for you, can express my love for you, and know that I love you.



About kalogirouandrew

I look forward to learing here at word press I love to write & and tell storys!
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