I Am a beautiful bird …A short poem by Andrew Kalogirou

I Am a beautiful colorful bird With many colors don’t you see

like a beautiful rainbow in the open sea

bright for the world and all to see.

my head is blue as the ocean

my neck yellow as the sun

my body is green as a leaf

my chest is yellow and orange as a beautiful sunset on a misty day

my eyes are as red wine and black as the summer night

I love to spread my wings in the sky

as I go through the clouds as I pass bye

I love to show the world all that I am

a flying beauty and all that I am

People come and see my beauty from all around

a beautiful bird as they sit down

so come and see me for all that I am!

A beautiful bird and all that I am



About kalogirouandrew

I look forward to learing here at word press I love to write & and tell storys!
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